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Mia Baker

Mia stumbled into the world of golf at the end of 2019. She is now using the power of social media to disrupt the golf market, changing the perceptions of the sport to inspire the next generation of golfers and encourage more people to take up the game.

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Mia started documenting her golf journey on Instagram in January 2020 after being less than impressed with what was on offer to welcome women into the game - particularly when it came to women’s golf clothing.

As Mia began sharing her story as a beginner golfer, she quickly discovered she was able to help educate, encourage, and inspire other new golfers who were looking at getting into the game, sharing her personal insights into the challenges and hurdles on her quest to get better whilst also showcasing a younger, more stylish side to golf.

Alongside helping new players get over the initial barriers into the game, Mia also heavily invests her time into working with brands, presenting work, hosting events, supporting charities and more.

Mia believes golf needs to embrace inclusivity, be it gender, race, age, and everything in between.

Mia Baker Mia Baker
Mia Baker

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I've followed, and communicated with Mia since she started her online journey into golf. Her authenticity and integrity is, I believe, what makes her golf journey so fascinating for golfers old and new!

Andrew Law

Managing Director, Adidas Golf EMEA

Working with Mia is always a joy - she's smart, accommodating and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the content works for everyone involved. Mia has great presenting skills and connects on a personal level with her content. Mia is not only great on camera but great off it, giving guidance and insight into what young female golfers want and need from the industry. Nobody knows their audience better than Mia and she is doing vital work in promoting women's golf and pushing brands to move in the right direction.

Ben Jenkins

Ear To The Ground, The Sports and Esports Agency


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